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The Service Team assists with service projects both at Shepherd of the Hills and within the community. Some of these projects include food, clothing, gifts and/or donation drives for the benefit of the Blind Association, the Lehigh County Conference of Churches, the food bank, the ingathering, Pathways or disaster victims. These individuals organize volunteers for the soup kitchen, Salvation Army, State Hospital, In-gathering packaging and many other projects.

The Witness Committee helps to welcome new members into the church family through the Cradle Roll (welcoming newly baptized infants) and Cookie Ministry (volunteers that visit those who have expressed an interest in becoming members of our church). This team also guides the Congregation with Greeters, the Prayer Chain, the Nursery, the Pictorial Directory and the Care Package Ministry.

The Finance Committee handles the budgeting and accounting for the church.

The Worship Team assists with many wonderful ways to enrich our worship at Shepherd of the Hills.

The Support Team works to maintain the church facility by replacing and/or improving areas that need attention. These individuals also help maintain the grounds including the parking area, lawns and shrubs.

The Mutual Ministry Committee's purpose is the affirming and strengthening of the mission of the congregation and the ministry of the staff. This is accomplished through
- listening and clarifying
- sharing and communication
- reviewing and reflecting

This committee organizes various concerts throughout the year.  The committee began with Ruth Bittner and now the concerts are presented in memory of her. This committee also collects funds to make the concerts possible.

The Learning Committee includes all Sunday school teachers and assistants.  This committee organizes the Sunday school classes, ensures materials are available for teachers and gets involved in the planning of events for the children, including the Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg hunt, puppet shows, and many others.